Results and Prospects of EAEU

The Eurasian Economic Union member countries have concluded to create a Eurasian network project in order to establish a full-fledged common market for goods, services and capital. 

The project involves setting up a digital platform which allows companies to sell their services and products and find new customers within the union.

One of the main areas of Eurasian integration is to bring industrial cooperation to a new level.

More than 50 countries and international organizations are interested in establishing institutional relations with the Eurasian Economic Union.

Free-trade zones are already in operation with Vietnam and Iran. There are framework agreements with China and Cuba. Applications have been submitted by Egypt and India.

Experts said that any business is interested in joining the market of maximum capacity. The collective market of EAEU totals 184 million people.

All of this suggests that the authority of the EAEU and its importance in the international arena have increased significantly.