Kazakh Honey is Presented In London

Products of Kazakh beekeepers were presented at the international exhibition of honey in London. 

Nearly 20 kilograms of various types of honey were brought from Kazakhstan to the event.

The purpose of the participation is to introduce the tasty honey produced in Kazakhstan to British consumers.

A long queue of tasters lined up at the ‘Made in Kazakhstan’ stand. Guests of the fair praised propolis based throat sprays and cosmetic oils as well as exclusive domestic honey with lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries and sea buckthorn.

Kazakhstan’s honey has been sold to British companies, which will store them at their wide network of health food stores. It will be tasted by experts who will conduct analysis. There is a potential for the honey to be imported from Kazakhstan and sold in the UK after obtaining necessary certificates.

At the exhibition, participants from different countries presented their products, including medicines and honey-based cosmetics such as beeswax, pollen and milk.

The annual exhibition was organized by the Embassy of Slovenia in the UK.

Photo: pachodo.org