9 Enterprises will Start Operating at Aktobe Industrial Zone this Year

9 Enterprises will Start Operating at Aktobe Industrial Zone this Year

Nine new production facilities will be commissioned at the Aktobe Industrial Zone by the end of the year while another 11 innovative projects, worth 68 billion Tenge are under development.

Some of the companies that will start operating at the industrial zone include the Paving and Porcelain Tile Factory.

The estimated cost of the new enterprise is over 9 billion Tenge. Most of the enterprise’s output will be exported to neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, another project is a Transport Logistics Center of the class “A”. The storage and freight handling systems are equipped with the latest technologies. The center is provided with the necessary infrastructure, including the railway as well as the access to the Western Europe – Western China highway.

Other projects located on the area of the industrial zone include various promising enterprises such as the Paints and Pargeting Production Factory with the involvement of Bulgarian businesspeople.

Another unique enterprise in Western Kazakhstan is the Truck Tires Repair Factory. Within this project, a German investor who owns two similar production facilities in Europe will invest 800 million Tenge in the project implementation.

Currently, there are five production facilities operating at the Aktobe Industrial Zone.

Photo: 24.kz