Kazakhstan Develops Various Types of Tourism

Kazakhstan Develops Various Types of Tourism

8.5 million tourists visited Kazakhstan last year, which is higher by 10% compared with 2017. The majority of visitors arrived from Central Asian countries as well as Russia, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan and other foreign countries.

According to experts, business tourism, as well as medical and health improvement tourism, is well developing in Kazakhstan.

Foreign travelers visit Kazakhstan for recreation and treatment procedures in the health centers on the shore of Lake Alakol and the forests of Burabay.

A new recreational facility and hotels will soon be built in Aktau. The construction will start in June. Turkish investors are planning to build special warm pools at the facility.  

During the stay in Kazakhstan, foreign tourists can always count on the support of the tourist police available in the country. The tourist police units ensure the security of the visitors and are also capable of consulting and providing information to the tourists.

The tourism police officers operate in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty as well as in four regions, such as Akmola, Almaty region, East Kazakhstan and Turkistan that are known to welcome most of the tourists arriving in Kazakhstan.    

The contribution of tourism industry to Kazakhstan’s GDP is expected to increase to 8% by 2025.

The Kazakh Government has increased expenses on tourism in 2017 for the fifth time. 

Photo: astana.zagranitsa.com