Cooperation Between Kazakhstan and Germany

Cooperation Between Kazakhstan and Germany

Germany is one of the leading economic partners of Kazakhstan. The countries have established strong mutually beneficial ties and strategic partnership.

Moreover, the political dialogue between the countries is open and trustworthy.

High level of relations has been reached in the area of investments. According to Bernd Fabritius, Federal Government Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Re-settlers and National Minorities, both parties are interested in long-term cooperation.

He also highlighted that the important links between the two states are ethnic Kazakhs in Germany and ethnic Germans in Kazakhstan.

Nearly 180,000 Germans live in Kazakhstan. Approximately one million Germans returned to their historic homeland.

Experts say that nearly 90% of German investments account for the non-primary sector in Kazakhstan. Currently, there are 900 economic structures in Kazakhstan with the participation of German capital.

Cooperation is implemented in areas such as manufacturing, construction, transport, communications, agriculture, logistics and other sectors of the economy.