135,000 SME Registered in Turkistan Region

Kazakhstan’s small and medium businesses are developing at a fast pace.

There are 135,000 small and medium businesses registered in Turkistan region alone.

Experts said that small and medium businesses of Turkistan region produced output worth 495 billion Tenge in 2018.

The entrepreneurs are provided with all kinds of support and there are various programs available for them.

Last year, 10 large projects were commissioned in the region, including a factory on production of milk made of traditional drinks and a plastic bottles manufacturing enterprise.

The construction boom in Turkistan raised the demand for the output of the concrete manufacturing plant, which was recently established here.

The enterprise makes several types of products for construction companies. The plant manufactures up to 400 square meters of concrete products per day.

This year, 19 large enterprises worth 14 billion Tenge are expected to be constructed in Turkistan region as part of the Entrepreneurs Support Map.

Photo: informburo.kz