Kazakhstan is enhancing its export potential

Kazakhstan is enhancing its export potential. At the moment, Kazakh companies export more than 800 types of goods to 120 countries. The large market of China is a promising sales destination which is interested to import food products and industrial goods from Kazakhstan. Chinese companies are particularly eager to purchase machine-building and mining products. Chinese consumers are well familiar with the output of the Kentau Transformer and Batteries Manufacturing Plant. The two countries are implementing 55 joint Kazakh-Chinese projects.    

According to Amaniyaz Yerzhanov, Kazakh deputy minister of industry and infrastructural development, hydraulic systems, gears and valves manufactured at Kirov Machine-Building Plant are oriented at the Chinese market. Kazakh textile industry enterprises are also accessing the Chinese market with their output.   

“At an exhibition in Shanghai there was a huge line in Kazakh pavilion and everybody wanted to try saumal. China is interested in our products. We are set to expand the export boundaries after the delivery of the first consignment of goods,” said entrepreneur Kadyrbek Meyrambekov. 

Agriculturists in Almaty region are also set to enter new markets. The farmers are planning to export raspberries and blackberries in three years. The agrarians are current planting seedlings on an area of 500 hectares. The plants were produced in Europe and adapted to the local climate. According to specialists, the average yield will total between 12 and 17 tonnes per hectare.

Photo: azernews.az