12th Astana Economic Forum: expert opinions

12th Astana Economic Forum: expert opinions

Eurasia’s major discussion platform, Astana Economic Forum brought together prominent experts, politicians, businesspeople, and scientists from 74 countries this year. Participants (of the large-scale event) discussed the ways to develop and improve the global economy and shared current trends and strategies. A common green innovative hub was proposed to be established at the forum.

The initiative was put forward by Fred Walti who believes that innovations should be developed by joint efforts.  

Fred Walti, company president:

What most countries do, they spend a lot of money on research and development and what I think they need to do is spend more time and effort in getting the innovations out of the R&D labs, out of the research universities and into the marketplace.  I think we should build a cleantech innovation hub here and then connect it to the other innovation hubs around the world.

The forum participants say that one of the important aspects of addressing global topics is active cooperation. For example, Kazakhstan has signed a memorandum with Saudi Arabia on green energy.


Our desire is to help Kazakhstan in the energy sector. Saudi Arabia is known for oil and gas but also for wind and solar. So there is a lot of technologies we want to share here at this conference with our counterparts in Kazakhstan.

Foto: www.astanaeconomicforum.org