AEF: Global Integration Processes

AEF: Global Integration Processes

Global integration processes is one of the most discussed topics at this year’s Astana Economic Forum (AEF).

Experts believe that Eurasian Economic Union member countries provide a positive example of harmonization of economic developments.

The Eurasian Five aims to provide people with high quality goods by adopting single technical regulation requirements. Currently, the union has unified the standards for 80 per cent of its goods.

Director of the Department of Technical Regulation and Accreditation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Timur Nurashev said that there is a global trend to certify people rather than their products.

“If a person is certified and acknowledged, it shows that the product that he produces will also meet the requirements. This is one of the developments which will be very useful for our counties.”

“I believe that certification of personnel will be actively developing in accordance with the adopted international standards and practices,” he added.

Another topic discussed at the AEF is food security, which remains a crucial challenge for mankind.

According to World Bank, there are over one million people without food in the world. Joint work and cooperation is necessary in order to solve the global problem.

Canadian expert, Harry Nanda believes that Kazakhstan has a great potential in solving the problem given its advantage to be able to produce more food.

“I think Kazakhstan needs to produce more food, not only wheat and grain. Kazakhstan has a tremendous potential to provide clean good, which is high in demand in the world today, such as organic food,” he said.

In 11 years, the AEF become a well-recognized international platform for improving the global economy and financial system as well as for discussing global topics. Approximately 50,000 delegates from 150 countries, including Nobel laureates and foreign politicians, attended the event.