Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan: Cooperation in Tourism Sector

Kazakhstan is cooperating with Azerbaijan to promote Almaty as a popular tourist destination.

Natural sites such as the Sharyn Canyon, Kok Tobe Recreation Area and the Huns ethnic village are included in the new tour packages for tourists from Azerbaijan.

Tourism expert, Rakhman Guliyev said that Azerbaijan has seen that Kazakhstan is effectively working to improve its tourist infrastructure.

“Kazakhstan’s geographical location can easily attract tourists from both East and West. I think that the higher demand in Azerbaijan will result in the increase of air flights and competitive prices for services,” he said.

The new air link between Baku and Almaty is benefitting the travelers and help expand the tourism cooperation between the cities.

“Business tourism between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan is well-developed. However, we need to promote traveling and vacationing in Kazakhstan among regular residents,” Guliyev said.

Photo: kp.kz