Local Fisheries Expand Export Markets

Seven fish processing factories operating in Aral district of Kyzylorda region have a total annual capacity of over 19,000 tons of output. Currently, fish-products are exported to neighboring and distant countries such as China, CIS countries and the European Union. Specialists release up to 15 million fish juveniles into the rivers every year to provide fishes to enterprises. A fish protection facility will be constructed this year to protect the fishes.

“If we succeed in completing the project by the end of the year, the protective systems will be installed at the hydraulic facilities next year. In particular, hydro-acoustical devices will help save the river inhabitants and diversify the fish species. The project is supported by the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea,” said branch director of fisheries center, Tynysbek Barakbayev.

There are about 20 lakes in the district in addition to the North Aral Sea where up to 14 fish species can be found. Experts believe that their ecosystem should be improved. 

In total, over the past 19 years, fish production in the Aral district has increased by almost 20 times. Local fish producers exported about 5,500 tonnes of products to foreign countries last year.

Photo: rusfishexpo.com