Kazakhstan and Russia Increase Volume of River Freight

Kazakhstan and Russia are increasing the volume of river cargo transportation. The countries plan to discuss the prospects of shipping industry at the 16th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Transport and Infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

A new shipping route has opened at the Yertis River, which connects Western Siberia and Eastern Kazakhstan.

Forest products, salt and inert materials are shipped through the route from Russia. This year, it is expected that 12,000 tons of colorless products will be exported to Siberia.

Meanwhile, the Pavlodar river port remains the main shipping hub for foreign trade activities. The smooth operation at the port is ensured by the usage of stable operating lifting equipment. The floating cranes, barges and towing tugs underwent maintenance works in order to increase the cargo freight turnover this season.

Deputy chief executive officer of the river port, Tolegen Kulzhan said that a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Transport and Infrastructure of Eurasian Economic Commission is scheduled for May 21st in Moscow.

“First of all, harmonization of the legislation ‘On Water Transport’ will be discussed. In addition, other topics on the inland water transport will also be addressed,” he said.

The synchronization of the ‘On Water Transport’ law among the EEU member countries will increase the trade turnover between the states in addition to other factors.

The shipping agreement will open a free passage for the Kazakh and Russian ships in the waters of Ob-Yertis basin from the Zaisan Lake to the Gulf of Ob.

Photo: prime-logistics.org