Georgia to increase import of Kazakhstan wheat

Kazakhstan will export about 9.5 million tons of grains this year mainly to Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as well as China.

Georgia is also showing interest in purchasing locally-grown wheat. The country and Kazakhstan have agreed to take measures to subsidize the transportation of grains.

Chairperson of Georgian Wheat and Bread Producers Association, Levan Silagava said that the subsidies will ensure the competitive price of the wheat.

“The grain is delivered from Kazakhstan to Georgia, through the territory of Russia and Azerbaijan. We need to know the transportation costs when crossing all borders and we need to understand which areas will be subsidized and to what extent the prices will fall,” he said.

Georgia consumes nearly 700 tons of wheat in one year. The country imports 90% of agricultural products from Russia.

According to the Georgian Union of Bakers, the country needs different types of wheat in order to stabilize the prices of bread.

“When imported grain from Russia and Kazakhstan are mixed, it improved the quality of the flour,” chairperson of Georgian Bakery Products Association, Malkhaz Dolidze said.