China to purchase more Kazakh - made products

Kazakhstan and China are booting mutually beneficial cooperation by strengthening ties in a variety of economic sectors.

Last year, the country has exported agricultural products to China worth almost US$430 million. Kazakhstan-produced grains are in great demand in China as the country shipped 562,000 tons of wheat to its neighboring country.

Kazakh Ambassador to China, Shakhrat Nuryshev said that Kazakhstan and China have signed 13 protocols in the last four years for the supply of beef and lamb meat, wheat, medicago and rapeseeds to China.

“To date, there are about 180 Kazakh enterprises that have the permission to deliver their products to China,” he said.

China is also purchasing copper and lead from Kazakhstan and it is also interested to buy locally-produced gas.

Kazakhstan transported six billion cubic meters of gas to China in 2018. A sales center for Kazakh goods was established in China due to the increasing Kazakh products in China.

Director of an international logistics company in China, Wu Guangmin said that the company has a representative office in Almaty.

“We have established great cooperation with Kazakhstan. We are planning to build a Kazakhstan service center in the city of Wuhan, where we will present the best high-quality goods from Kazakhstan. These products will be distributed all over China from the center,” he said.

Meanwhile, China is also interested to purchase a higher amount of honey produced in Kazakhstan.

The country has exported two batches of honey to its neighbor China in autumn last year. The country also exported an additional 250 tons of locally-produced honey to China in March 2019.

Trade turnover between East Kazakhstan and China exceeded US$510 million last year with export volume totaled US$308 million.