Kazakh Goat Milk in High Demand in China

Kazakh Goat Milk in High Demand in China

Kazakhstan’s goat milk is in high demand in China and the country is set to export a higher volume of the milk to its neighboring country.

A local goat’s milk manufacturing factory has invested 3 billion Tenge to expand its production of the dairy.

The factory uses Italian fully automated milk production equipment.

“Our sales are good and we have vast potential. We receive offers from foreign countries such as China to sell our products in large quantities and for a much higher price,” local milk manufacturing factory’s manager, Azamat Turmagambetov said.

The manufacturing factory also produces other high-quality dairy products such as yogurts, cheese, cream and sour cream.

Member of Majilis, Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament Sergei Zvolskiy said the Majilis’ aim is to help the factory to expand its product range by offering subsidies for the equipment and compensation.

Photo: dhakatribune.com