Kazakhstan is Committed to Strengthen the Development of its Renewable Energy Sector

Kazakhstan is committed to strengthen the development of the country’s renewable energy sector.

The country is currently actively adopting the concept of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which are targeted at the world’s transition to green economy.

Chairperson for the Coalition for Green Economy, Saltanat Rakhimbekova said the center is focusing on preparing Kazakhstan’s applications to the Global Environment Facility and the Green Climate Fund in order to attract grants for the improvement of the country’s terrestrial ecosystems.

“The application to receive the Green Climate Fund’s grant, worth US$7 million, aimed to combat desertification and promote forestry, is also being considered at the moment,” she said.

Kazakhstan is also currently discussing a new environmental code in order to develop an environmental legal framework, which is in line with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standards.

The new code will also encourage natural resource users to adopt and implement green technologies in their operations.

The development of the code involves the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), environmentalists and international experts.

“One of the up-to-date developments in the new environmental code will be the establishment of an environment fund, which will collect all the environmental payments that are generated in large quantities in Kazakhstan and worth between 150 billion and 170 billion Tenge.”

“Another important measure that will be outlined in the environmental code is the application of the best available technologies, which is aimed at enhancing sustainability in the industrial sector,” Rakhimbekova said.

One of the successful long-term projects under the Sustainable Development Goals is the first green village in Kazakhstan, Arnassai in the Akmola region.

The project involves a demonstration site where residents learn advanced technologies and entrepreneurship skills. 

Photo: cyplive.com