QNET Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Kazakhstan

QNET, one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, celebrates its 10th anniversary in Kazakhstan by inviting children from a local orphanage to its event.

The company presented water treatment equipment and a video camera to the orphanage as well as little gifts to the children.

“We have been cooperating with QNET for a long time. They regularly provide us with charity support. We came here to celebrate together with the children in order to express our gratitude,” Head of Zhanuya Specialized Facility, Lyazzat Kulsarina said.

QNET sells a variety of products including home care, personal care, fashion accessories, home and living, health and wellness and energy.

The company has a group of networkers, called Independent Representatives who sells the products via direct-selling method.

The company’s establishment in Kazakhstan has increased the employment level in the country and it has also improved the lives of the local residents.

Director of International Consulting Bureau and agent of QNET in Kazakhstan, Aliya Adelbayeva said that the company helps its members to establish and operate their businesses.

“Many people who want to be individual entrepreneurs struggle to start their business. As an agency, we help to realize these people’s potential and find ways to establish their businesses,” she said.

Meanwhile, an independent representative of QNET in Kazakhstan, Yerkin Kamaliyev congratulated all QNET’s independent representatives and wished all its members success and achievements.

Photo: 24.kz