Kazakhstan and Belarus to Expand Trade

Kazakhstan and Belarus to Expand Trade

Kazakhstan and Belarus have agreed to expand and strengthen their economic cooperation, particularly in trade.

The two countries have recorded US$900 million in terms of trade value in 2018 with Belarus exporting tractors and truck tractors, milk and dairy products, mining equipment, household appliances as well as food products.

Kazakhstan in return exports petroleum and metal products as well as cotton fiber to Belarus.

Chief executive officer of Almaty Chamber of Commerce and Investments, Muhtarkhan Biyarov said there are many joint Kazakh-Belarusian enterprises are being opened with the most recent is a center for machinery installation. 

“Agricultural machines are manufactured there, including tractors, combine harvesters and other types of agricultural machinery,” he said.

According to Belarus News, there are 45 Kazakh companies operating in Belarus including 13 joint ventures and 32 foreign companies. There are 256 Belarusian companies in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan plans to expand its export products this year as it currently offers over 800 manufactured products to 113 countries.

Photo: tengrinews.kz