Kazakhstan Produces Sugar-Free Chocolate

Kazakhstan Produces Sugar-Free Chocolate

Kazakhstan has started producing sugar-free chocolate, which local manufacturers believe that it tastes better than the French, Italian and British chocolates.

President of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Toregeldy Sharmanov said the locally-produced chocolate does not contain trans-fat and toxic substances.

Instead, the chocolate are made of mare’s milk.

“The chocolate were also granted an international patent, which means that we will be able to export our chocolate worldwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, a poultry farm near Almaty has been exporting organic chicken eggs to United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Russia and other CIS countries.

According to the farmers, they are closely monitoring the hens’ diet to produce high quality eggs.

Director of a production facility, Hendrik de Jager said the farm’s feed formulation is mainly based on Kazakh-produced grains such as sunflower seed, corn, soybeans and peas.

The farm has about 500,000 chickens that produces more than 5.5 billion eggs per year.

Photo: fainaidea.com