Kazakhstan Exports US$3 Billion Agricultural Products in 2018

Kazakhstan Exports US$3 Billion Agricultural Products in 2018

Kazakhstan plans to increase the export of its agricultural products this year. Since the beginning of 2019, the country exported almost 8,000 tons of meat and over three million tons of crop products internationally.

Kazakh Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Gulmira Issayeva said Kazakhstan will increase the exports of grain crops to China as well as to Iran following the trilateral agreement signed in January by Kazakhstan, Russia and Iran.

“The trilateral agreement will contribute to the increase of the export volumes. The major export markets for the Kazakh grains include the Central Asian countries, Iran and Afghanistan,” she said, adding that Kazakhstan is also increasing grain exports to China.

According to the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry, last year Kazakhstan exported agricultural products worth over US$3 billion.

The lion share of agricultural products in Kazakhstan is held by Almaty city with its total export value comprised of almost 18% of the total value. Kostanai and Turkistan are also leading in terms of the sales of processed goods.

In terms of meat export, Kazakhstan exported over 33,000 tonnes of meat products to 11 countries last year.

Issayeva said the export volume of Kazakhstan beef totaled 19,900 tons last year with Turkistan region selling 5,000 tons as well as Aktobe and Almaty regions with 4,000 tons each.

“In total, there are 20 Kazakh companies from various regions that are leading in terms of beef exports. These enterprises cooperate with 19,000 Kazakh farms,” she said.

Photo: kazakh-zerno.kz