Kazakhstan to Introduce Single Window E-Service in April for Traders

Kazakhstan to Introduce Single Window E-Service in April for Traders

Kazakhstan will introduce a Single Window online service in April to support and ease the documentation processes for local exporters.

The new e-service, which is integrated with the systems of Government agencies, can be used to apply for permit documents and trading licenses. It is also a platform where traders can find additional information required for the import and export of products.

“The Single Window service is a single entry point for companies involved in foreign economic activities. We ensure that the exchange of information between different systems of Government agencies is done online,” Kazakh Deputy Finance Minister, Ruslan Yensebayev said.

The number of enterprises which focuses on export activities is increasing in Kazakhstan. There is also a rise in the number of Kazakh companies selling wheat to China. Currently, there are 105 local traders officially exporting grains to the neighboring country.

The regions that sell its products to China include North Kazakhstan, Kostanai and Akmola whereas Pavlodar region has just begun its export to China.

“We expect to receive reports from another two regions in Kazakhstan, particularly Aktobe and East Kazakhstan. All of Kazakhstan’s grain producing regions has the opportunity to export their products to neighboring China,” said Kazakh Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Gulmira Issayeva.

Apart from wheat, Kazakhstan also plans to export honey to China and the United Arab Emirates.

A veterinary laboratory is expected to be opened in East Kazakhstan region at the end of this year. All export products will be tested at the laboratory and will be sold abroad without the need to apply for additional permits or certificates.

Kazakhstan produces over 15,000 tons of honey every year and export half of the output overseas.

Photo: kapital.kz