Kazakhstan’s Automotive Industry to Produce 60,000 Vehicle Units This Year

Kazakhstan’s Automotive Industry to Produce 60,000 Vehicle Units This Year

The automotive industry in Kazakhstan is expected to produce 60,000 units of vehicles this year as local and foreign demand for Made in Kazakhstan cars continues to increase.

Kazakhstan Automotive Business Association Deputy President, Anar Makasheva said the higher output of vehicles is one of the important driving forces of the economic development of the country.

“Our manufacturers will work hard to continue to develop this area In 2018, our vehicles were exported to Belarus, Russia and Tajikistan,” she said.

In the first 11 months of 2018, Kazakhstan produced 29,000 vehicles worth 185 billion Tenge. The vehicles include cars, trucks, buses, special purpose vehicles and trailers.

Russian Automobile Dealers Association President, Oleg Moseyev said that Russia is negotiating with Kazakhstan to increase the export of cars assembled in the Central Asian country.

“We are talking about 30,000 cars. Kazakhstan market is still at the beginning. It has great chances to grow,” he said.

Meanwhile, over 130 leading automobile manufacturers from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India as well as European countries and the United Arab Emirates took part at an automotive forum and auto show in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan.

One of the leading local companies, which produce commercial vehicles, presented their output at the exhibition. The production includes refrigerators, trucks, garbage trucks and snow machines.

All of the products are manufactured at a plant in Kostanai, which has been operating for seven years. Every year, the facility increases its volume of exports to neighboring countries.

“We send a lot of equipment to Russia and Tajikistan and we are considering other countries. Our export volumes are increasing thanks to the policy of our state, which help us to cooperate with other Central Asian countries and Russia,” spokesperson of Auto Manufacturing Company, Aleksey Levashkin said. 

Photo: astanatimes.com