Kazakhstan Exports 500 Tonnes of Beef to Iran

Kazakhstan Exports 500 Tonnes of Beef to Iran

Kazakhstan has exported 500 tons of beef from Akmola region to Iran, marking it the first large consignment between the countries.

Previously, the country export meat to its neighbor in small batches of 42 tons.

Founder of the meat supplier company, Serik Rakhimbayev said that there will be another 700 tons of meat that will be delivered to Iran in four months’ time. 

“We are going to ship the second consignment until the end of March. Starting from April, sales will be increased up to 200 tons every month,” he said.

Kazakhstan meat is in high demand in Iran as it adheres to the strict Halal requirements and it also does not contain GMO additives.

Rakhimbayev said a Mullah would attend the cattle slaughter in order to ensure that the process strictly follows the Halal requirements of meat slaughter and handling.

He said the meat is also packaged in vacuum containers and chilled.

“Animal slaughter is performed following the Islamic norms in Kazakhstan and that is very important for us. Meat consumption in Iran depends on the season and holidays, such as Nowruz and Ramadhan,” Member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Mehdi Zahediaval said.

Kazakhstan has generally exported some 20,000 tons of beef overseas last year, while this year the country plans to increase its beef export to 30,000 tons.

The Kazakh meat is highly in demand in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Germany, Kuwait and Vietnam.

Apart from beef, Kazakhstan will also export Tarom Hashemi rice to Iran this year. The first shipment of 500 tons of rice, grown in Kyzylorda region, is expected to be delivered this month. 

Photo: wabeef.org