Kazakhstan to Gain Greater Access to Iran’s Market

Kazakhstan to Gain Greater Access to Iran’s Market

Kazakhstan will have greater access in the Iranian markets as trade volume between the two countries is set to boost in the upcoming years.

Iran will send a delegation of business officials to Astana in the next few months to learn about the extraction of mineral resources in Kazakhstan as well as to understand the country’s agricultural sector.

The delegation is also planning to study Kazakhstan’s practices in growing wheat, barley and other grains including the storage and transportation processes.

Iran Chamber of Commerce member, Mehdi Zahedi Aval said the country is interested to cooperate in the agricultural sector with Kazakhstan as it is the most developed economy in the country.

“I am convinced that Kazakhstan can become a long-term business partner for Iran. The Chamber of Commerce should provide assistance for the businesses,” he said, adding that Iran is also interested in the machine-building industry in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, economist Mohammad Watan Pul said Iran can serve as a bridge which can connect Kazakhstan with other countries.

He said there is an opportunity for Kazakhstan to trans-ship their product through Iran given the convenience and cost-effectiveness.

“If Kazakhstan transits its goods through Iran, the customs duties will also be lower than in other countries. The business cooperation between the two countries will benefit both parties,” he said.

Kazakhstan is focused on developing its exports in the next three years. The Kazakh Government has allocated 500 billion Tenge to help promote the export of locally made products.

The Government also offers non-financial incentives such as reimbursement of transportation costs and service maintenance.

Photo: inform.kz