Pavlodar and Omsk to Strengthen Trade and Economic Cooperation

Pavlodar and Omsk to Strengthen Trade and Economic Cooperation

Kazakh region of Pavlodar and Russian region of Omsk have agreed to strengthen trade and economic cooperation.

Head of Industrial Development Department in Pavlodar Region, Nurbolat Seytmagambetov said the two regions have planned to increase the trade turnover by 15% with Kazakhstan increasing its export to Russia.

Last year the Pavlodar region recorded higher export volumes to Russia by 27% with value totaling US$1 billion. Meanwhile, almost 30% of the foreign trade turnover in Omsk is attributed to Kazakhstan.

Recently, a business delegation from Russia has visited innovative production facilities in Pavlodar and the two parties have signed a number of agreements.

“We want to develop shipments of machines for Pavlodar farms. We also want to establish joint agricultural goods processing platforms, produce food products and probably practice the exchange of agricultural products with our Kazakh counterparts,” President of Omsk Chamber of Trade and Industry, Olga Fedulova said.

Deputy Head of Russian Export Support Center, Anna Kolokolova said the companies from both regions may establish a joint partnership company as Russia is planning to conduct equipment assembly works in Pavlodar.

The major cooperation sectors between Pavlodar and Omsk include machine-building, tourism as well as chemical and agricultural industries.

Meanwhile, a polypropylene manufacturing company in Pavlodar is showing strong performances in both domestic and foreign markets.

The company is set to continue boosting its progress and enhance the region’s export potential.

“Our output is high quality and environmentally friendly. 35% of the output is sold to Russia while 15% is sold to neighboring countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan,” Head of the Polypropylene Production Facility Olzhas Iklassov said.