Kazakhstan Increases Gas Exports

Kazakhstan Increases Gas Exports

Kazakhstan has increased its gas exports by 14.5% to over 22 billion cubic meters in the first 10 months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017 due to the increased shipments to Russia and China.

Kazakh Ministry of Energy said that the country has sold 5.8 billion cubic meters of gas to China last year while Russia purchased more than 7.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

In total, Kazakhstan sold gas worth US$1.7 billion from January to October 2018.

Meanwhile, the country plans to double its export of gas to China this year as Beijing moves to cushion its trade war impact on liquefied natural gas with the United States.

The export increase is possible due to the 1,454km Beyneu-Bozoy-Shymkent gas pipeline that was built from western to southern Kazakhstan. The pipeline is connected to the 1,833km Central Asia–China gas pipeline, which sends gas from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to China via Shymkent.

Kazakhstan has the 22nd largest gas reserve in the world and is ranked 3rd among CIS countries.

Photo: kp.kz