Kuryk Port to Transport Over 2.5 Million Tonnes of Freight in 2019

Kuryk Port to Transport Over 2.5 Million Tonnes of Freight in 2019

Kuryk port in Mangystau will be transporting over 2.5 million tonnes of freight this year while the revenue derived will be contributed significantly to the region’s infrastructural development.

The port processes up to eight ships currently at its four wharves per day. Last year, the port processes a total of 1.33 million tonnes of freight.

Export products from China are usually delivered by train to Khorgos, the biggest dry port in the world, and by trucks to Kuryk port. The products are then stored in ships and sent to Azerbaijan and Europe. The delivery can also be made via railroad to Turkey and Georgia from Kazakhstan.

Kuryk port will also enhance its mutually beneficial cooperation with Baku port in Azerbaijan following the establishment of regular ferry transportation between the two ports.

The port also plans to open new ferry transportation routes with ports in Turkmenistan and Iran.

Meanwhile, more than 200,000 tourists have visited the Mangystau region last year. It is forecasted that the region will welcome up to 750,000 tourists in seven years.

Mangystau Region Tourism Department Deputy Head, Gulmira Suyeuova said local and foreign tourists would be interested to visit Mangystau as it is the location of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

“The recognition by UNESCO will help to develop the Kazakh traditional crafts and create more opportunities for entrepreneurs,” she said.

Photo: miid.gov.kz