Kazakhstan’s Center of Space Communications Expanding Reach to Neighboring Countries

Kazakhstan’s Center of Space Communications Expanding Reach to Neighboring Countries

Kazakhstan’s Republican Center of Space Communications (RCSC) is expanding its reach to the neighboring countries as the center will provide its services to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The expansion of service is believed to bring about 65 million Tenge to the center.

RCSC adviser to chairman, Viktor Lefter said the expansion of the service is crucial to the center’s development in terms of bringing new technologies, new satellites and new solutions aimed at cost reduction and providing low-orbit satellites.

“We are currently negotiating the opportunity to provide our communication services with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries. Our team came back from Uzbekistan and we will work on it,” he said.

The RCSC is expected to record higher revenue this year given the active use of its spacecraft operation. Last year, the center recorded more than five billion Tenge in revenue.

The capacities of the KazSat 2 and KazSat 3 satellites are leased by over 20 Kazakh organizations.

KazSat 2 is the second Kazakh space satellite, launched on July 16, 2011, while KazSat 3 is a telecommunications satellite designed for telco services, television broadcasting and high-speed internet access in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. It was launched on Apr. 28, 2014.

The RCSC covers the full demand of Kazakh communication providers, which contributes 47 billion Tenge to Kazakhstan’s economy due to the import substitution and broadcasts about 300 satellite television and radio channels.

The center’s leading engineer, Didar Zarkumov said RCSC’s spacecraft cover the entire territory of Kazakhstan as well as the neighboring Central Asian countries.

“A service provider in one of the countries can install an antenna even on the mountains to be able to connect to our satellite and establish a connection,” he said.

Photo: rcsc.kz