Kazakhstan Plans to Export 500 Tonnes of Persian Rice to Iran

Kazakhstan Plans to Export 500 Tonnes of Persian Rice to Iran

Kazakhstan is set to export 500 tonnes of Tarom Hashemi rice grown in the Kyzylorda region to Iran this year.

Currently, negotiations are underway between the two countries on the shipment of the first batch of the rice, which is planned to be exported this month.

Technical adviser of Iran’s Agriculture Ministry, Mohammad Hossein Ansari Fard said Iran had given the samples of the Tarom Hashemi rice to Kazakhstan and Russia and found that the Central Asian country yielded higher amount of rice.

“The yield in Kazakhstan was the highest as your country is close to the Caspian Sea. Iran is a country with arid and semi-arid climate. It is only possible to grow the rice in Caspian Sea region. However, this amount is not enough to cover the domestic demand in Iran,” he said.

Currently, Kazakhstan is cultivating the Persian rice to meet Iran’s need of rice. Iran imports rice from India, Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand and the UAE.

A trial consignment of 60 tonnes of Tarom Hashemi rice was exported to Iran in 2018.

The move to export higher amount of Tarom Hashemi rice benefits the local Kyzylorda farmers.

Kyzylorda region also exports its rice to Central Asia countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Europe, Mongolia and Russia.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is also increasing its meat export to Iran to 500 tonnes this year. The two countries also signed an agreement with Russia on the shipment of wheat.

Under the deal, Iran will import wheat from Kazakhstan and Russia which the country will then process as flour before re-exporting it to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Iran has enough wheat to meet the flour demand in the country and the country does not export its locally-produced flour.

Photo: iran.ru