Kazakhstan Expands Product Range for China Export

Kazakhstan Expands Product Range for China Export

Kazakhstan is increasing the range of its exported products to China as both countries have reached an agreement on the new arrangement at the Shanghai fair last year.

The deal includes Kazakhstan shipping 10 additional types of products alongside the current 30 varieties that the country is exporting to China.

Meanwhile, the Kazakh Agriculture Minister and its Chinese counterparts will implement veterinary certification after the latter lifted the limitations on Kazakh beef imports.

The two Ministries also agreed on livestock shipments as well as on the construction of certified quarantine sites at the border of the countries.

China is importing Kazakh lamb meat and the country is also interested to purchase Kazakh-made camel milk powder.

Kazakh Vice Minister of Agriculture, Gulmira Issayeva said China is currently registering the standard for the camel milk powder as it is a new product for the country.

“Camel milk powder can be considered not only as food product because it is beneficial for health and diabetes prevention,” she said.

Photo: matritca.kz