France and Belgium Expressed Interest to Invest in Kazakhstan

France and Belgium Expressed Interest to Invest in Kazakhstan

France and Belgium have expressed interest to invest in Kazakhstan following a business meeting between Kazakh delegations and investors from the two countries.

Kazakh ambassador to France, Jean Galiev held a presentation on Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities and provided key economic data to potential French investors during the meeting.

He also stressed on the 10 reasons why the countries should invest in Kazakhstan, which includes attractive business conditions, successful examples of French companies operating in Kazakhstan, the Government’s support and certain guarantees for investors.

“President Emmanuel Macron is continuing the trend of maintaining strong relationships with your country, which was started by Francois Mitterrand and Francois Hollande. France is well represented by enterprises in Kazakhstan, which will allow us to be involved in the economic development and transfer of technologies,” Senate of France member, Helene Conway-Mouret said.

Belgian investors have also learned about the favorable business climate in Kazakhstan They opined that the standard of doing business in Kazakhstan is on par with the international best practices as the country is ranked among the top 30 countries by World Bank’s ranking.

Manager of a Belgian medical equipment manufacturer, Johan Focquet said that the company has a good presence in Kazakhstan and expansion plans are in the pipeline.

“We are participating in the oncology program that was initiated under the leadership of President Nazarbayev. We have local partners that bring our products to Kazakhstan,” he said.

Focquet added that currently the medical equipment is being used in six radiation and oncology centers in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Semei and Ust-Kamenogorsk and Pavlodar will be added into the list soon.