Kazakhstan Exporting 500 Tonnes of Meat to Iran

Kazakhstan Exporting 500 Tonnes of Meat to Iran

Kazakhstan will export 500 tonnes of meat to Iran with the first shipment totals 42 tonnes as the country seeks to expand its meat export market internationally.

The shipment to Iran is in place with the approval of the veterinary requirements for the supply of meat to the Islamic Republic which Kazakhstan has received.

“The Kazakh veterinary service approved the veterinary requirements and veterinary certificates with the Iranian importers,” said the Deputy Chair of Kazakhstan’s Veterinary Control Committee, Saltanat Abylkassymova.

She added that based on the agreement, veterinary physicians representing Iranian Government agencies will be present during the slaughter of animals.

Last year, Kazakhstan generally exported some 20,000 tonnes of beef abroad and this year it plans to sell 30,000 tonnes of meat to foreign countries.

The Kazakh meat is highly in demand in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Germany, Kuwait and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the country also plans to increase the export of meat and fish to China.

Photo: lenta.inform.kz