Digital Kazakhstan Program Yields Results

Digital Kazakhstan Program Yields Results


The Digital Kazakhstan program, adopted by large factories in industrial sites in Kazakhstan, has shown positive results.

Two projects under the program, specifically the Digital Field and Digital Mine, were introduced at seven large mineral deposits facilities. Three IT acceleration programs were also held in the country and 47 startups were selected as part of the program as they are able to attract 180 million Tenge of investments.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development has audited seven smart factories, which adopted the roadmap on their digital transformation.

The top priority of the digital transformation projects are being implemented in various sectors such as geology, subsoil, transport and others. The economic benefit of digitally transforming these sectors totaled 218 billion Tenge in 2018.

Meanwhile, a single web service will be created by Astana Hub to support other industrial and innovative projects in the future.