Kazakhstan Increasing Export of Wheat to Foreign Countries

Kazakhstan Increasing Export of Wheat to Foreign Countries

Kazakhstan plans to export nine million tonnes of grain and flour globally this year as well as increase its wheat export to China by up to one million tonnes in 2020.

The country exported 307,000 tonnes of wheat to China in 2017 and 560,000 tonnes in 2018.

Chinese Food Corporation head Timur Mendigaliyev said Kazakhstan’s wheat is in high demand in China and it is mostly exported to provinces in Northwest China such as Gansu, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia.

The exported wheat is mainly produced in Akmola, Kostanai and North Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Georgia is also interested to import wheat from Kazakhstan.

Georgian Grain Growers Association head, Levan Silagava said the country is currently negotiating ways to increase the export of wheat to Georgia.

“We important 40,000 tonnes of wheat over the past three months and we want to increase the volume,” he said.

Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are among the major purchasers of wheat made in Kazakhstan, specifically in Kostanai region.

Senior specialist at the agriculture department in Kostanai region, Nursultan Kabdelov said Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are the main export destinations of the region, taking 50% of the export volume.

“We also discovered new sales markets such as Bangladesh, Finland and Israel. Last year, we exported wheat to Egypt, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Tunisia and Ukraine for the first time,” he added.

Kazakhstan also exports its wheat to Vietnam in the Southeast Asia region. The Government is currently negotiating with the country to increase the quota volume of the wheat.

Last year, Kazakhstan exported 30,000 tonnes of grain to Vietnam.

Photo: 24.kz