Kostanai to Expand Horse Meat Export to Russia and China

Kostanai to Expand Horse Meat Export to Russia and China

Kazakhstan will expand the export market of Kostanai region’s horse meat and fermented dairy product, kumis to Russia and China this year.

Deputy Director of a horse breeding farm in the region, Amirbek Ismailov said Kostanai can export four tonnes of chilled meat per day as it delivers a total of 120 tonnes of meat every month.

“In the spring last year, we started producing fermented dairy, kumis. There is a facility which produces kumis in Kostanai where around 30 to 40 mares are milked,” he added.

Horse breeders receive support from the Government in terms of subsidies. The Government had allocated three billion Tenge for the development of horse breeding industry.

Meanwhile, a new horse breeding program ‘Yenbek’ is introduced to help support entrepreneurs who are interested to start the business.

Director of the Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture, Marat Salykbayev said 85% discount is given for entrepreneurs who are just starting the business, while 50% guarantee is provided for existing businessmen.

He added that there is also a guarantee for the purchased livestock and farming equipment.

This year, some 900 loans under another program, Sybaga were given to farmers from Tobol region. 

Photo: jasqazaq.kz