New Projects to Be Implemented in Zhambyl Region

New Projects to Be Implemented in Zhambyl Region

A new 80 billion Tenge sugar factory will be built in the Shu district of Zhambyl region. The factory is expected to produce 8,000 tonnes of sugar per day.

Deputy Head of the Regional Agriculture Department of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Kulkeyev said that 30% of the total cost will be funded by private investors and 70% of the cost will be paid by second-tier banks.

He added that the Government will provide a 25% subsidy from the Republican budget and 10% subsidy from the regional budget for farmers to purchase new yielding equipment.

This year, 9,500 hectares of sugar beet are planned to be planted and yielded.

“Sugar beets contain about 18% of sugar on average. Usually, sugar factories extract about 12% of sugar from the beets. But with modern equipment, it is capable to extract up to 16% of sugar,” Kulkeyev said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Office of Regional Office of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Innovative Development Arnur Mukhametzhanov said 23 new investment projects worth 115 billion Tenge will be implemented in Zhambyl region this year.

He added that 65 billion Tenge will be contributed by foreign investors.

The local Zhambyl authorities are working on attracting more investments in the region’s agriculture, manufacture, trade and tourism industries.