Kazakh regions boost export capacity

Kazakh regions, particularly in Aktobe, are actively increasing the volume of their export. A flour mill factory in the region is currently exporting its products to Russia, which is its main sales market overseas.

The factory also sell its products to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and it is also currently in discussions with China for the export of its products.

In line with the larger export market, the flour mill factory is planning to boost its production capacity. The enterprise currently processes over 500 tonnes of grain per day and exports 1,500 tonnes of flour every month.


-The shipments to Russia are held very fast and easy. We don’t encounter any challenges there with complete documents and we receive payment for our products.


-Our enterprises are currently shipping both raw materials and end products to foreign markets, such as pipes, rails and building products. They also sell agricultural industry output and ready-made food products.

Meanwhile, the Kostanay region is also increasing its export volumes. The region’s foreign trade turnover increased by 50 per cent and exceeded US$2.6 billion in the period of January until November 2018.

The region exports mostly passenger cars and other vehicles as well as daily products. Local entrepreneurs earned US$1 billion from trading with EAEU countries.


-Our enterprises export 95% of the exported products to Russia due to our geographical location as we border with three Russian regions. 3.2% of exports are shipped to Belarus and 0.06% to Armenia. The remaining 2% of exports are shipped to Kyrgyzstan.

Enterprises in Almaty region are also exporting higher amounts of various products. A sack factory in the village of Birlik in Balkhash district started exporting its products to neighboring Kyrgyzstan. The small production facility produces more than one million sacks per year. The sack producers use only Kazakhstan-made raw materials.


-We started the sack manufacturing business because we grow rice. Other enterprises, including soybean and buckwheat producers started ordering sacks from us. We expanded the facility and now we have 50 local residents working here. The demand is growing and we started exporting our products to Kyrgyzstan.

This year, Kazakh producers are set to increase their capacities and focus on their sales market expansion. As part of President Nazarbayev’s National Address, 500 billion Tenge were allocated for the upcoming three years to achieve this target.