Export of Kazakhstan-Made Cars

Export of Kazakhstan-Made Cars

Kazakh car manufacturers are set to expand their export market to Uzbekistan in the next couple of years. Currently, the local producers are exporting their outputs to China, Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan. Experts believe that some measures such as pre-export insurance and Government subsidies are needed to be introduced in order to develop the export activities. The measures will also allow the local companies to be more competitive globally.


-   Kazakh automotive industry demonstrated good results in late 2017 and early 2018 when our companies sold more than 2,000 cars. Kazakh car manufacturers are currently researching new markets to export their cars. Factors such as established partnerships between the countries and solid foreign marketing strategy of the companies are the main contributors to higher export values. Kazakh automotive producers are provided with all the tools and opportunities to manufacture and sell cars in both the domestic and foreign markets. 

Kazakh automotive producers manufactured 32,300 vehicles in 2018, including cars, trucks, buses, special vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. The total cost of the output produced totaled 205.95 billion Tenge.