World Trade Center to Be Built in Kazakhstan

World Trade Center to Be Built in Kazakhstan

Astana will become the center of the Eurasian continent, based on the views by international experts. They highlighted that the city has strategic importance in expanding trade and economic ties between the East and West. A 150 meters high World Trade Center is planned to be built in the capital on a two-hectare land. The ambitious project is worth US$200 million. The complex will be built using foreign investments. Other World Trade Centers are located in New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seoul and Dubai and all of the complexes are linked by one network.


- We see the complex as being a significant and important site for the city. So we see an extension of what we call the spine that comes from the city center and moving on towards the airport. We see a landmark building going on to that site which will be the next significant opportunity for Astana to build a new building that’s going to be a world class opportunity showcasing architecture and buildings and Astana to the world.

The agreement on the construction of the World Trade Center was signed during President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s visit to Belgium. The Kazakh Government also plans to build a number of architectural facilities in Astana such as the Eurasian Center building that will be shaped as a headwear of Scythian warrior. The construction works will begin by end of 2019.