Kazakhstan and Turkey Build Business Ties

Kazakhstan and Turkey Build Business Ties

A joint Kazakh-Turkish chamber of entrepreneurs may start work soon. Offices of the joint chamber will be opened in Astana and Istanbul. During the first meeting of a working group in Ankara, the parties presented business opportunities that can be pursued in both countries. 

Nuraly Bokeikhanov, deputy head of Kazakhstan’s ‘Atameken’ National Chamber of Entrepreneurs believes that the initiative will give a good impetus to promotion of investments, trade and technology transfer.

Kazakh ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuly supports the idea. “Kazakh companies are interested in networking with their Turkish colleagues in order to improve their investment and export opportunities. In return, Turkish businessmen aspire to find out trending goods that they can export to Kazakhstan as well as needs of the population in order to improve their export opportunities. Thus, they will improve their investment projects,” the ambassador said.

A number of Kazakh firms are entering the Turkish market. There are nearly 2,000 Turkish companies working in Kazakhstan.  Head of the Turkish industrial zone, Orhan Aydin says Kazakhstan is one of the most important partners for Turkey. He also expressed his commitment to promoting the existing partnerships in the future.

At the meeting, the parties agreed to expand relations and increase the number of business partnerships. Businessmen are confident that strengthening cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses will contribute to the overall development of trade and economic ties between Kazakhstan and Turkey. In 2018, the trade turnover between the countries reached US$1.9 billion.