Caspian Kuryk Seaport Builds Shipment Capacity

Caspian Kuryk Seaport Builds Shipment Capacity

Over 2.5 million tonnes of freight will be shipped through the Kuryk seaport in 2019 compared to 1.5 million tonnes of shipped cargo in 2018. The Caspian Kuryk seaport located in Western Kazakhstan was put into operation two years ago.  Since then it has become a pivotal component in the country’s transformation into a continental transport and logistics hub of Eurasia. It handles freight coming from China, passing through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine to reach Europe.

Talgat Ospanov, deputy head of the Kuryk seaport says 2018 has been a good year. A car ferry terminal was opened at the seaport with President Nazarbayev attending the opening.  In 2018, the port handled 10% more freight that the planned target, the overall transshipped freight amounted to 1 million 610,000 tonnes. The number of vessel calls reached 453 which is a 70% growth.

The car ferry terminal in the Kuryk seaport is capable of serving up to 20,000 cars a year. In addition, there are two berths for the rail transport. Each of them can serve and send four ships per day. The capacity of one barge is 50 freight cars. Last year, 210 barges were placed in this ferry terminal. The registration of documents is organized according to a single-window principle in a short time.

The Kuryk seaport is part of the Trans-Caspian international transport corridor. The sea harbor managers intend to expand cooperation with other countries. Before the end of the year, shipments will be launched to Iran and Turkmenistan. The ferry handling capacity in the Kuryk seaport will reach six million tonnes.