Transit Freight Reaches 19 Million Tonnes in 2018

Transit Freight Reaches 19 Million Tonnes in 2018

19 million tonnes of cargo was transported through Kazakhstan’s territory in 2018. Analysts say that these are record figures proving the country's high potential in this area. Kazakhstan, located between two large markets like China and the European Union, can greatly benefit from the cargo transit. In this regard, the country’s leadership has been working towards creating the necessary infrastructure so that Kazakhstan could become a key point in the transport route between China and Europe. Today, the majority of goods from China are delivered through the so-called southern route, the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, where the delivery duration makes up 40-45 days. The land route through Kazakhstan’s territory can shorten the delivery time threefold.

Zeinolla Akhmetzhanov, head of transit and transport logistics development at the Kazakh Ministry of Investments and Development believes that the country can attract more producers and transporters to choose the land route, starting from China, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and going all the way to Europe, the so-called northern route. The second route includes the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Black Sea and goes further to Europe. “Transit through Kazakhstan is 2-3 times faster by rail and ten times cheaper compared to air transport,” Akhmetzhnov told Kazakh TV.

Development of the logistics and transport infrastructure continues across the country. The total capacity of the Kazakh freight handling ports has reached 26 million tonnes per year. Construction and renovation of highways is ongoing, too. The state has allocated more than one trillion tenge for this purpose.

 “Nearly 600 kilometer-long roads will be built and 1,700 kilometer-long roads will be repaired before the end of the year. We have six main international transit corridors, three of them have been fully put into operation and the work continues on other three corridors. In 2020, we are planning to launch traffic on all international transit routes,” Yerzhan Teleukhan, spokesperson for the Kazakh committee of highways said.