Uzbekistan to host first Central Asian Economic Forum

Uzbekistan to host first Central Asian Economic Forum

Uzbekistan will host the first Central Asian Economic Forum in autumn this year. Government leaders from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are expected to take part in the upcoming forum.

The theme of the event will be ‘New Horizons in the Development of Trade and Investment’ to reflect the increasing openness of Central Asian countries for regional and international trade activities.

The forum will be organized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


-  It will be organized on the eve of a consultative meeting of the Government leaders of the Central Asian states. There is an economic bloc, which works on proposals that create joint projects and develop our foreign trade, not only between us, but also in third countries.

In the upcoming forum, the Central Asian Government leaders will also discuss topics related to security apart from trade and economic relations. Uzbek Ambassador to Kazakhstan Saidikram Niyazkhodjayev said that the event will have a positive impact on the entire Central Asian region.


 - It will further strengthen and allow us to develop a unified position on solving new problems and challenges that are emerging today.

The Kazakh-Uzbek relations are one of the good examples of mutually beneficial cooperation in the Central Asia region. For example, the volume of trade between the two countries last year have increased by 40% and exceeded US$2.5 billion. Both countries plan to increase the mutual trade by another 40%.

A trade exhibition will be organized after the economic forum where business from various industries will showcase their products and services to potential clients from Central Asia and abroad. The industries include tourism, transport, information technology as well as processing of fruit and vegetable products, to name a few.

Last year the Central Asian Economic Forum was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan with over 1,100 participants from 18 countries.