Kazakhstan is attractive for Turkish investors

Kazakhstan is attractive for Turkish investors

Kazakhstan is attractive for foreign investors. Businessmen from different countries express their interest in establishing partnerships, including Turkish entrepreneurs. In recent years, Kazakhstan significantly improved its investment climate. The country is currently leading in the Central Asian region by this indicator. There is an increased interest among Turkish businesses, which expand their presence every year. Moreover, investors see Kazakhstan as a promising platform to enter the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union and China.


- Kazakhstan is the leader in Central Asia. The country has large capacities in many areas, such as agriculture, as well as the chemical and mining industries. In addition, there is an opportunity to access the 180 million population market of the neighboring countries. For instance, Turkish businessmen are currently set to invest in Kazakhstan’s mining sector.

Kazakhstan and Turkey are long-term and reliable partners. Turkey invested more than US$3 billion in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan invested US$1 billion in the Turkish economy. The countries are planning to increase these values.


- Kazakh investments in Turkey total US$ 1 billion and cover the service sector as well as textile and car manufacturing. There are more than 1,900 successful Turkish enterprises in our country.

Turkey is one of Kazakhstan’s top 10 trade partners. According to the official data, the trade turnover between the two countries exceeded US$ 678 million in the first half of last year. Meanwhile, the capital investment volumes also grew. Turkish investors are interested in almost all economic sectors in Kazakhstan, particularly, such as mining and metallurgical fields, chemical and light industries, as well as agriculture and building material production. The alternative energy projects are also interesting for Turkish businesses.