Kostanai transport plant to produce 30,000 car per year

Kostanai transport plant to produce 30,000 car per year

The number of models of cars produced in Kostanai is increasing. Due to higher investments in the region, the number of cars will reach to 30,000 per year. Until 2023 experts are targeting to try to triple these figures. The Kazakh auto manufacturing plant prioritizes export overseas. The test batches of the cars have been delivered to Belarus. The cars will also be delivered to Kyrgyz and Tajik markets.


- The export geography will certainly expand. We send our products mainly to Russia. The distance to the border is 170 km. It has big cities like Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg. The population of the Uralsk region is the same as the population of our country.

Experts say that the Kostanai transport manufacturing plant has great potential. This year, the enterprise is planning to manufacture 20,000 cars. At least 30% of the cars will be exported.