Kazakhstan is a reliable and stable partner

Kazakhstan is a reliable and stable partner

 Kazakhstan has achieved a tremendous success in economic development. In recent years, the republic has maintained a positive trend in key performance indicators of various world rankings. Experts say that this predicts the continuation of the state welfare growth. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki says that Kazakhstan is a reliable and stable partner.


- Kazakhstan is one of the most important partners for Poland. We are very pleased with the bilateral cooperation level. We have great potential in trade and economic relations. We are dynamically developing our economies. We are leaders in Central Europe while Kazakhstan is a leader in Central Asia. We also have historical connections. 30,000 Poles live in Kazakhstan and the support that the Kazakh authorities provide is well known to us. In addition, a large number of Kazakhs are studying in Poland. I think our relationship is strategically important and has been proven.

German businessmen highly appreciate the business climate in Kazakhstan. They highlight that the stability and favorable conditions such as benefits and preferences attract investors. Chairperson of the German Association of Liberal medium-sized businesses Christian Grosse say that today more than 900 German enterprises are actively working in Kazakhstan. The figure may increase due to the growing interest in Kazakhstan.


- Today, Kazakhstan is a successful, stable and economically developed state, which learns and implements the best foreign experience. The opening of the international financial center is a sign that Kazakhstan is joining the international financial level. In general, Kazakhstan is extremely interesting to Germany not only in terms of the big business, but also in terms of small and medium-sized businesses. There are thousands of small businesses in Germany many of which would like to work with Kazakhstan. Germany has extensive experience in medicine, digital transformation and new technologies. We should intensively develop bilateral cooperation in these areas.