Kazakhstan-made products are in demand abroad

Kazakhstan-made products are in demand abroad

Kazakhstan-made products are in demand abroad. For example, safflower oil is becoming more popular in global markets. The oil is produced in Zhualy district in Zhambyl region. The enterprise exported the first batch of its products. 1,200 tonnes of safflower plants and 40 tonnes of oil were supplied to China and Belgium. The plant is capable of producing up to 5,000 tonnes of organic products per year. The product is gaining more popularity due to the high quality. Next year, the enterprise is set to increase production capacities.


- This year, we harvested 2,000 tonnes of safflower plant. We will produce oil from 800 tonnes. We are planning to export 40 more tonnes to China.

Kazakhstan-made beef and lamb are also popular in foreign markets. An enterprise in West Kazakhstan region exported almost 3,000 tonnes of meat. In total, the company shipped about 8,000 tonnes of beef and 720 tonnes of lamb over the past four years. Livestock and frozen meat products are supplied to Russia, Armenia, Iran and Tajikistan. Chinese partners are set to purchase Kazakhstan-made products as well. Therefore, the regional authorities are focusing on increasing the number of feedlots. The meat is currently exported from 11 of them.


- A feedlot with the capacity of 1,000 cattle was commissioned in Syrym district. We are planning to build feedlots in Zelyonov district with the capacity of 3,000 and 5,000 cattle and we will build a feedlot with the capacity of 5,000 cattle in Kaztal district in April 2019. 

By 2021, Kazakh producers are planning to increase exports of agricultural products to US$ 1.5 billion.