Kazakhstan and Serbia to increase trade by 6 times

Kazakhstan and Serbia to increase trade by 6 times

In the next two years, Kazakhstan and Serbia plan to increase trade by six times. This will be possible due to the development of cooperation in agricultural industry. The countries will boost the trade of vegetables and fruits, followed by processing the edible items. Experts also say that jams, juices and sweets made by joint production will be sold in Kazakhstan and Serbia very soon. New items may be added to the import and export lists.


- Serbia is interested in the large and stable market of Kazakhstan. We consider this trend more favorable for us than West Europe. Kazakhstan has great potential since it has everything that we are interested in.

In 2018, the mutual trade between Kazakhstan and Serbia increased by 60% and totaled US$42 million. The countries have other ambitious plans. Moreover, they have enough prerequisites for partnership.



- Everything could begin with tourism, trade and transport. There are huge prospects in construction. Our companies are working both in Serbia and in Kazakhstan. For example, the Tesla Park residential complex is being built by our construction companies. There are a lot of shopping and leisure facilities being built. People will work there and it is very important.

The countries also plan to develop cooperation in military. Belgrade has shown a desire to receive customs-free imports of several goods from Kazakhstan in the EU market. In addition, the Serbian plans to supply 5,000 vehicles to Kazakhstan based on special quota.