Enriched flour will be produced in Kazakhstan

Enriched flour will be produced in Kazakhstan

Specialists of the Kazakh Research Institute for Processing of Agricultural Products have started working on new types of flour, which is rich with vitamins. The domestic product is rich with useful nutrients. Starch and dry cream are in high demand in the export market. Therefore, special attention is paid to deep processing of wheat in the country. There are several enterprises working in this area.


- We have evaluated and conducted comparison of the current market. As a result, we have realized that there is lack of special flour. In this regard, we’ve started to produce flour for people with diabetes and insulin deficiency.

Researcher Marzhan Kizatova says that the flour is made of lentils, beans and peas. Their composition is very rich with protein. Specialists say that the flour is beneficial to athletes as well as to people with diabetes.


- There are plenty of useful vitamins in the processed flour. The flour products have high protein and nutritional value. Now these types of flour are imported. Therefore, the price is not cheap. We can offer consumers high quality, mineral-rich and affordable products with our project.

It has been one year since the beginning of the research. Eight cereals made from four types of flours were created during this period. Experts say that it is necessary to conduct research for nearly two years. The results of the project will then be presented to enterprises for implementation.