Cheese factory in Zhambyl region will increase export by 40%

Cheese factory in Zhambyl region will increase export by 40%

Kazakhstan’s environmentally friendly and high-quality products are highly appreciated in Russia. Its growing demand resulted in the increase of export-oriented production. The forefront of the dairy industry is a cheese factory in Zhualy district in Zhambyl region. A quarter of all dairy products are delivered to Russian cities. The high product quality is made by using ultra-pasteurized milk. New technologies also preserve valuable properties and block the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


- The separator controls the fat content. Then cheese is sent to a bath with a special concentrated salt. In such a bath, the cheese should be kept for at least two days. Otherwise, this cheese will quickly deteriorate. Then the product is placed in a vacuum package and stamped by a manufacturer.

Four years ago, the company went through a complete reconstruction, which resulted in the increase in production capacity. Today, the plant can process up to 100 tonnes of milk daily. Since the beginning of 2018, 820 tonnes of five types of cheese, 140 tonnes of butter and 4,000 liters of milk were produced.


- The plan for 2019 has been set up. We want to increase productivity by additional 25-30%, including the export increase by 40%. The remaining products will be supplied to the domestic market. In recent years, we have been actively modernizing the plant. In 2018, we purchased equipment worth 120 million tenge.

Products of the two plants are exported from the Zhualy district. The dairy plant collaborates with Russia, China and Belgium. Overseas finished goods have been shipped for 350 million tenge.